1. The birds you can’t identify, stark white and holy, A shy disposition

  2. Ray gun corral, The climate unfolding in song light, Flower beg your pardon

  3. Burst forth spinning, The rhythm of planets cobweb, Shoulder the smile earnest.

  4. Mandala

  5. Temporary temple

  6. Hands folded towards the stars, A skull appears as if by surprise, All this a dream.

  7. Where does the beast hide?

  8. And there is…

  9. #tbt To the time Veronica and I were featured doing our thing for Apple’s “What will your verse be?” Spot. And they played it all over the TV. Here’s me, smiling happy!

  10. Croaks, a chirp, Caught peaceful canyon, A scaled silence

  11. Bailar con el arroyo