1. #tbt To the time Veronica and I were featured doing our thing for Apple’s “What will your verse be?” Spot. And they played it all over the TV. Here’s me, smiling happy!

  2. Croaks, a chirp, Caught peaceful canyon, A scaled silence

  3. Bailar con el arroyo

  4. Flor del Luna

  5. Always humbled by this raw form of public expression. I saw this on our wall this morning that we painted with these chalk blocks. And simply prompted, “Write what you feel in chalk”.

  6. Having fun, playing around last night at the @strongholdclimb We’re building up for a performance here on Sat. Sept. 27th at 8pm!

  7. Testing out some new tech last night at the @strongholdclimb Preparing for a performance here on Saturday Sept. 27th at 8pm!

  8. Harvest Song

  9. Introspection

  10. "Mediated Twin Towers" inks and watercolor on paper, 2007

  11. Digital Plein Air Paintings of Northeast Los Angeles